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David Gavel, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychologist

Founder & Lead Consultant

Dr. Gavel is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist practicing out of Hattiesburg, MS. Dr. Gavel graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh followed by masters and doctorate degrees from The University of Southern Mississippi. He completed his psychology residency as a provider for veterans with trauma and severe mental illness at the Charles George VAMC in Ashville, NC. Since 2017, he has been a full time staff psychologist for Southern Behavioral Medicine Associates. He also serves as an adjunct faculty with the USM psychology department holds elected position on the Executive Council of the Mississippi Psychology Association.


Specialty Areas

In addition to the general services offered by all of the Steadfast consultants, Dr. Gavel is keenly passionate about advocating, educating, and intervening where psychology intersects with the judicial system, military forces, and other emergency services. Some of the common environments benefiting from consultations with Dr. Gavel include law enforcement agencies, legal and judicial counsel, military instillations or veterans advocacy groups, education centers, and hospitals. Call or email now and let him customize a workshop, professional training, or consultation service for your agency.

  • Certified Crisis & Hostage Negotiation

  • PTSD and other trauma disorders

  • Exposure to combat trauma

  • Military discharge/LEO retirement: Now What?

  • Compassion fatigue and professional burn out

  • Bullying and Interpersonal aggression 

  • Law enforcement training & Workshops

  • Encountering mentally ill suspects

  • Mental illness & Violence risk

  • Courtroom consultation

  • Jury selection

  • Violent offenders & risk assessment

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