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Steadfast Vision

As doctoral level psychologists, our consultants are uniquely positioned to understand dynamic and complex elements of the human experience as they interact with one another to create both positive and negative influence. There is no sector in which this human element is not relevant. Business, education, law enforcement, healthcare, finance, sports and fitness, warehouses and manufacturing, courtrooms, distribution centers, not-for-profit agencies, government, and others. Every agency, entity, and sector of society is susceptible to the influence, for better or worse, of both normative and pathological human behavior. The goal of the psychologists at STEADFAST CONSULTING is to use their acquired expertise and passion for understanding human behavior to address the needs of your organization. Through customized workshops and seminars, staff trainings and continuing education, private consultations, or strategic planning, our consultants strive to maximize the effectiveness, performance, and outcomes associated with your organization. 

The Steadfast Story

Before entering the world of psychology, Dr. Gavel, carried admiration for the brave men and women of law enforcement, military, and other front line emergency personnel. He once dreamed of serving and protecting among the ranks of law enforcement agencies, but as a student in early pursuit of this goal, Dr. Gavel was fascinated by the complexities of human interaction and struck by the numerous ways in which members of the public service community encounter mental illness on the job. For example, facilitating arrest or emergency medical services for someone experiencing psychosis presents with unique challenges. Professionals themselves encounter high levels of stress on the job every day and are disproportionately struck by various mental health and psychosocial problems. Criminal offenders are sent to correctional facilities with a goal of rehabilitation but 7 in 10 will reoffend within 5 years. Lawyers work feverishly to defend or prosecute with minimal assistance in dealing with crucial human component of a trial. Despite huge advances in mental health awareness over the years, professionals across sectors remain relatively unaware of the many ways in which normative and pathological human behaviors influence each and every day in "the office." ​


These many factors led Dr. Gavel to pursue a deeper understanding of behavioral health with a passion for integrating that knowledge within the justice system, military, and emergency services. However, psychological expertise is as diverse as the people who enter the field and Dr. Gavel was inspired to found STEADFAST CONSULTING in 2019 as a method for unifying, promoting, and connecting dynamic psychologists with so much to offer to the agencies that inspire them to do the work they do. 


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