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David Gavel, Ph.D.

Forensic & Police Psychologist

As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Gavel is prepared to assist the courts and other agencies with questions about the impact of psychological matters such as mental illness and diagnoses, personality characteristics, intellectual function or deficits, addiction, and other factors of normative and abnormal human behavior. Dr. Gavel is a certified forensic evaluator through the Mississippi State Hospital system and experienced in answering psychological questions related to the criminal justice system, law enforcement and other emergency service agencies, military and veteran mental health, custody litigation, and personelle management. 

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of human behavior. For more than a century, psychologists have been accumulating information and sharing ideas for the sake of refining our understanding of both normative and non-normative behavior patterns. For good reason, psychologists are most widely associated with the field of mental health treatment and clinical services for those in need. However, there is no sector of 21st century living that is not impacted by the human element and psychologists now play a vital role in the success of companies, organizations, agencies, and systems.

In addition to forensic evaluation, STEADFAST CONSULTING is dedicated to providing high quality and evidence-based services such as assessment, evaluation, consultation, and training for organizations in need of the specialized training and experiences that psychologists bring to the table. As experts in the study of human behavior, psychologists develop specialized understanding of normative and pathological human behavior patterns that influence all sectors of life. From fortune 500 companies and education centers to emergency services and professional athletics, psychologists can offer insight to increase the professional and personal function of the agency. With a particular passion for serving those who serve our community, STEADFAST CONSULTING was initially formed with an emphasis on meeting the needs of law enforcement and other first response agencies, legal and judicial counsel, correctional facilities, military installations, and other sectors of public service. However, the broader mission of STEADFAST CONSULTING is to fill the gap between behavioral health and any community entity that could benefit from education, training, and professional consultation.


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Forensic Evaluation

  • Competency to Stand Trial

  • McNaghten (NGRI evaluations)

  • Violence risk assessments 

  • Mitigation factors

  • Atkins

  • Fitness for Duty

  • Pre-employment Screening

  • Custody related assessment

  • Others

Professional Consultation

  • Trial and Courtroom consultation

  • Jury Selection

  • Psychological assessment

  • Psychological factors of criminal behaviors

  • Offender analysis

  • Leaderships & Personnelle factors 

Educational Workshops

  • Psychology & the Law

  • Mental Health Factors in your environment

  • Mental Illness & Criminal Behavior

  • Maintaining mental health within the workforce

  • Psychological Resilience

  • Psychopathology and Diagnoses

Policy & Program Development 

  • Maximizing performance and leadership

  • Improving safety for first responders

  • Implementing mental health-friendly policy

  • Educational program development

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